When one is traveling domestically or on an overseas trip, it is often recommended to buy travel insurance. It costs little but the peace of mind it provides is immense. The policy essentially covers you against travel-related risks, which can be unexpected medical costs especially abroad, losses incurred due to unforeseen cancellation, lost or stolen luggage, death and disability cover etc.

Here’s how a travel insurance helps.

  1. If you are traveling abroad and God forbid, you need medical treatment for some reason. While your medical insurance generally doesn’t pay for your expenses incurred overseas, it’s the travel insurance that takes care of all such expenses. In most of the countries, the medical treatment for visitors can be astoundingly expensive and having a proper medical insurance keeps you covered for this.
  2. When you are traveling, there’s a lot on which you have no control. For instance, the flights can get delayed or the connecting flights can get canceled leaving you stranded in an unknown place. You might have to rush back because of some emergency arising at home. The insurance packages cover you appropriately for all such situations.
  3. The luggage getting misplaced or damaged is a very common occurrence though the airlines try their best to ensure that such incidences do not happen. In a new place without your luggage, you virtually have to buy everything often costing you a fortune. With a proper travel insurance policy in place, it’s the insurance company that makes sure that you are reimbursed for your losses. So, you don’t have to pay unnecessarily for the blunder created by airlines or hotels or some random thief.
  4. In an unknown land, you often don’t know whom to contact in case of any sort of trouble. This can be of any nature, but with the right travel insurance in place, you always have someone to fall back on.

Travel insurance policies are not the same with each having some specific benefits and some exclusion. So, you need to read and understand it properly before going for one.

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